Thanks to the chipmunks I didn’t have much luck with sunflowers this year. Out of nearly 200, just a handful survived. This Velvet Queen is one of the survivors.


Aster Yellows

Well…came across this today….

Not good. Most likely the viral disease Aster Yellows. While these funky blossoms look cool they’re bad news. The virus mutates the flower and can spread to other flowers, grasses, and vegetables. They’ll be gone tomorrow.

Check out the Missouri Botanical Garden for more info. In fact, check out “The Garden” for almost all gardening information. Great site. Great resource.

Now, off to dig up some coneflowers.

Weeding Before and After

Some days you work and work but the end isn’t all that impressive. Today was a major weeding and cleanup day but the end product is much to be desired. It’s cleaned up but needs more. Some mulch and plant/shrub rearranging will do the trick. Maybe another time…..